Tenth of December by George Saunders [Book Review] (164)

Earlier this year I read a short story collection by Neil Gaiman (Trigger Warning) and quite liked it. My complaint was that it didn’t flow. This one by Saunders flowed too well begging the question of what I really want in a short story collection. Every story in the Tenth of December is emotionally wrought and dark. Even the titular story which ended hopeful and bright still felt grounded in darkness.

But I enjoyed the collection. This was my first Saunders experience and was blown away by his use of language and his startling brilliant ability to capture stream of conscious.

Favorites were “Victory Lap” (a sheltered boy rescues a girl he grew up with from trouble), “The Semplica Girl Diaries” (a family tale centered around human trafficked girls used as lawn ornaments), “Escape From Spiderhead” (a convict participates in futuristic drug trials).


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