Another Goal In 2016…

…is to start running again. I mean, I’ve started. With a meager 4 runs under my belt for the year I am back at something that I love. With the exception of a run here or there these runs are the closest together in a period of, likely, a year and six months (or so).

There is nothing better than the feeling of being in good running shape. I have a goal of running the Brooklyn Half this year (which takes place in May) so I need to ramp up quickly but, obviously, not so quick that I hurt myself.

With so few runs under my belt this year it is hard to say anything real about how it’ll go but I am hoping for the best. So far I have experienced a lot of the soreness, tightness, and relief that can only come from seeing progress happen through runs two days in a row.

Here is to running through 2016.


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