11/22/63 [Book Review]

11/22/63 – which might be an easier book title to remember if I had experienced the event – is yet another perfect example of Stephen King’s brilliant writing. I don’t think an 850+ page book has ever been so captivating throughout my time with it.

The goal of the main character Jake Epping/George Amberton is to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. But as usual this isn’t really what the story is about. This is about Jake’s rediscovery of himself – after a divorce in the year 2012 – in the years of 1958 – 1963.

It is a wonderful roller coaster of a journey. A journey of love and the question of what makes a decision “right”.

Highly recommended to anyone who loves a great story especially when that story is laid on top of one the biggest assassinations in history.


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