Everyone is different so every writer should be different.

The title of this post is something wrote down in my notebook yesterday. I underlined. I felt that after nearly an hour writing nonsense down that was the best I had. That hour that I wrote was basically a self pep-talk. Picking myself up, putting myself down and overall just trying to make sure I was putting some words to a page because something is better than nothing. Nonfiction of my personal struggle isn’t my goal – that goal is fiction of course – but, yeah, words are words and time spent writing is still time spent writing.

It is funny to me, or interesting, that I go through such waves (or peaks and valleys) when it comes to my writing. I can struggle so hard with doing anything at all (which always relates to how long I have been away from it (it being writing)) or it can come at me like a flood (which happens when I’m writing regularly). Either way it ends up being a different kind of overwhelming though I do prefer the latter.

Lately I have been trying to eliminate as many distractions as possible (putting my phone on do not disturb, closing all web pages that might distract me (when I am writing on the computer) and mostly not making excuses when it comes to writing.

I’m always looking for the perfect writing environment or imagining it. I hold a candle to this environment where I own the perfect device (a Microsoft Surface), have a separate room with a big oak desk to write on (or a cafe I can go to where the environment is just right), I’m free of distractions for a few hours a day and, lastly, I have a set time each day where I can do nothing else but write. But if I wait for this I’ll never get anything done and ultimately aren’t they just excuses to not write? And if I have all of this won’t I just find something else to distract me?

So I need to stop making excuses and quell the fear behind writing so that I can always be moving forward. If somehow you are reading this and looking for my advice when it comes to writing here it is:


Distractions will happen and procrastination will happen. I think that is just the nature of the struggle but you can work against it by just doing what you know you should be doing. So what if it isn’t perfect. Action is better than the alternative.

Do what I’m doing here. This is my writing therapy.

The only problem I have right now is that I need to keep going and I feel like I’ve exhausted my ideas for this post and I still want to write for another half hour or so. I’ll start another post with a new stream of thought.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading.


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