Morning Routine

The alarm goes off – a normally soothing sound (one you’ve selected because it seems the least offensive) turned into a sound you associate with feeling anxious. Who likes to be ripped from sleep?

You stumble from the bed putting one arm against the wall so that you don’t fall over. You are still without balance because you are attempting to rush across the room to turn off the alarm so that it doesn’t wake the kids. Your head feels like Jell-O trying to squeeze through a pinhole.

What was it that we were dreaming about?

The hand connected to your body slams down on the off button. The retched sound is quelled.

The alarm clock ran two minutes fast and the time on your watch reads 4:58 A.M. Why are we awake? We don’t wake up at this time. Go back to bed? No, no. Have to get in the shower.

Running the water for the shower you glimpse into the mirror.ย So ugly before shower.ย Puffy beard, skin is shiny, blech. A train goes by. A soothing hum that is yet another sound that makes you anxious even on days off. That bastard of a shiny bullet takes you to work.

The water is running over your head and you remember that you need to wash yourself.



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