What Is Writer’s Block?

It happens too often that I intend to write that I think “I have nothing” or “No one wants to read that”. It is times like these, when I am saying the same things I’ve said over and over before, that I need to realize that I just need to write what I’m writing now. That this is for me and if you want to skip this, you can. I shouldn’t be skipping anything based on what I feel others might think. And yes, I know that I could write all of this down in a notebook, and I do sometimes, but I do want to maintain some online presence. So it is a little for you. But mostly for me.

I’m just going through such a struggle with writing anything lately. The brain is just fuzzy. I’ve been reading a lot though so it isn’t all a loss. Stephen King says, and I’m paraphrasing here (because I don’t want to look up the quote), that writers should write and read a lot. So I have one of my bases covered.


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