The Message [Fiction]

//<incoming transmission>

<<00:00EST 2016/01/01>>

<begin message>  You are ready. If everything has gone right you will be able to understand this to the full extent of your ability and nothing should get lost in translation. We have be watching and waiting patiently. We have been running out of food for the past 100 years or so. Yours is the only planet within reach that can successfully grow food enough to sustain our population. You will have enough for yourselves as well. We require very little. This is not a joke. We wish it were. In return we can provide technology that at your current rate of growth you would not be able to attain for several hundred years. Our planet is barren. Please help. Using our technology you will be able to send remote rockets to our planet containing food. Well will send further communication if you agree.  Please do not try to attack us. We have seen all of your “alien” movies. We know your culture. Again. Our technology far exceeds your own. We will help you with your transportation, storage, computing, and other systems. You will not be given weapons technology. Even if we gave you weapons technology you would not be able to defeat us. Please do not try. It will end badly for both of our civilizations. We could easily take your planet from you but we would like to live in symbiosis. <end message>


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