End of Watch (Bill Hodges Trilogy #3) by Stephen King [Book Review]

The Bill Hodges Trilogy wraps up and it does it nicely at that.

Like the broken record that I am, when it comes to Stephen King, the writing and characters are perfect. The story was good but it was more about Bill and Holly (I would explain the characters but if you are here then you just want to know if this is worthy of the end of the trilogy) than anything else. Yes Brady was in it, and was a big part, but it seemed auxiliary to Bill and Holly’s relationship.

My only complaint about the book was that it wrapped up too quickly. Nothing can match the hunt of the first book. As soon as they decide that Brady is the one behind the suicides (really not a spoiler) the whole end wraps up within 100 pages. Brady’s plan is massive but that is no problem for Bill, Holly, and to a lesser extent Jerome, to take on in minutes. Like most recent Stephen King books the ending has a nice bow on it, everything resolved.

My last thought is to take what you will from the title “End of Watch”. The writing is literally on the front cover.


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