The Girls by Emma Cline [Book Review]

The Girls came along for me at a perfect time. I needed something easy to read. Everything I had been reading was dense. Cline speaks in such easy language while each moment strikes you as real and from the heart. Toward the end of the book, at least this is where I noticed, metaphor use got excessive to the point of distraction. I rolled my eyes at least once that I could recall. Nonetheless, Cline is a gifted storyteller and even with all of the hype surrounding this book, I look forward to her next work.

The main character is such a believable representation of a teenager (eager to please, uncertain, and not afraid to say anything).

At the beginning of each separate section of the book we get the perspective of the character as an adult and how the events of the book have affected her. We find that she is still as uncertain as ever, citing this transformative summer at the age of 14 as the reason for how her life turned out.


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