An Update

It has been a while since I wrote any kind of update that hasn’t been a book review. It isn’t for lack of writing though. I’ve been putting things down in a notebook lately though they have just been everyday thoughts; more personal than I might be willing to share right now. I’m getting myself back in the habit of just putting words to paper. The fiction will come.

It is just that initial breach that I need to clear. It always feels silly putting down the first few words. There needs to be a commitment and I’m afraid I’ll lose the thread.

Things are better than I felt a month ago though. I had no motivation then. The worst thing about it is that I didn’t know why I felt the way that I did. I talked my way out of that funk (through therapy) and changed a few things here and there and voila, out of the funk. Even reading was hard during that period of time.

I hope to be back to putting back more words down here but rest assured that if I don’t, words are still happening and that is a step.


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