The New World by Chris Adrian [Book Review]

The New World is wonderfully weird. I love going into a book not having any idea of what to expect from the plot, cover, etc. I’d prefer to go into any book this way. This one I picked up purely because of the Nathan Englander quote on the back.

The book was charming and hilarious to begin. I wasn’t sure I was supposed to find it funny considering the subject matter. It seemed so absurd yet so believable. This lent the book a sense of whimsy. Toward the end it read more traditionally, trying to wrap up all of the story threads.

Don’t read further if you’d want to go into it fresh, though I won’t spoil anything. Jane wants her husband’s head back. It becomes ancillary toward the end as we discover that their marriage isn’t as perfect as originally believed.

It is a quick read at 200 pages yet it still feels dense. I just wish it kept its sense of whimsy throughout.


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