Modern Lovers by Emma Straub [Book Review]

What bothered me about The Vacationers wasn’t the writing but the content, in the end, didn’t hit home as believable. With Modern Lovers I wasn’t left with that same feeling of disbelief. Straub’s version of Ditmas Park (Brooklyn) feels like a version of the world with a chrome camera filter (all of the colors pop a bit more) – a kind of hyper reality. Everything and everyone are still believable enough.

The theme of the story is that just because we are adults – that just because we are grown – we don’t always have things figured out. There isn’t that magic age we reach where it all clicks. I was worried that I’d get to the end and everyone would be in the same position. I was wrong.

The ending could be seen as predictable but I like that the story was turned on its head around the midway point.

I loved following the two couples and their kids throughout the book. I’m sure that it did score some serious points with me for being set in a non hipster part of Brooklyn.

Things did feel a little too perfect (even the street kids get a happy ending) but in the end I was happy to be reading this. It didn’t detract or distract while reading.


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