How It All Vegan, Again.

Credit for the title of this post goes to the cookbook of the same name with awesome, if not difficult, recipes.

Maybe you know this about me, perhaps you don’t, but I’ve been vegetarian since the later part of 2003. It isn’t something that I talk about. There’s no shame in it, of course, I’m just not that vocal of a person so, when it comes to personal choices, it comes out as a “need to know” thing. Are we going out to eat? Then you’ll know I’m vegetarian.

In 2003 I decided to be not just vegetarian, but vegan, because Davey Havok from AFI was vegan. That was it – the only reason. I wanted to see if I could do it. And I did. For two years I was vegan.

Pizza was my unhinging. Cindy and I moved into our new apartment in Brooklyn and I ate pizza. It was glorious; since then I have been just vegetarian. If we are getting technical then I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian. Since then I hadn’t really given it much thought. A lot of the time I didn’t feel all that passionate about my vegetarianism; I had even thought about one day eating meat again (but it wasn’t something I could ever pull the trigger on). Vegetarianism is just part of who I am. I don’t think about it consciously.

I’ve been vegetarian, with a few experiments with meat and fish early on, now for the better part of nearly 14 years.

And now I’m, likely, going vegan again. For the most part I’ve lost interest in eggs and dairy so I feel that it is only right to make the decision to be vegan again. It is better for me, the world, etc. I’ll feel good about it. I have been having more and more vegan days. I’m looking toward the end of January to complete my transition.

I have been experimenting with making seitan and eating more and more “cool” vegan food. I’m really happy about it. Something about this decision has made me more passionate about the food that I’m eating (when was the last time you heard of a meat pop-up; I get vegan shop-ups) or food in general. I may or may not post more about this journey. Surely I’ll post some vegan food on my Instagram.


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