Yummy Vegan

The majority of my January was vegan – I’d say about 85% – with the exceptions belonging to “cleaning” the pantry of non-vegan foods by eating them. It was to also to ease the transition for Cindy.

Now we are three days into my newly glamourous vegan lifestyle which isn’t really much different and not all that glamourous. This was more of a mature decision for me. I grew into it. For me, it feels like a natural evolution of my vegetarianism. It was definitely jogged by the Roadside Veganย blog as well the vegan renaissance that we seem to be in the middle of.

I’ll definitely post some pictures of some of the more exciting food I’m eating. I keep forgetting. I suppose that is a good thing though. It means it hasn’t been too mentally taxing as of yet. That’ll come later in the year when it come to family gatherings; I’ll probably make some of my own food to bring (everyone deserves some yummy vegan food).


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