Vegan Adventures and Mishaps

I’ve been trying to construct (in my head) a post about my first months of being vegan (again). The writing, not the veganism, has been hard; I haven’t been writing. I’m sure that most who come across this post, who don’t regularly read my posts, will come across this post in a quest of self affirmation. Otherwise, for those who choose not to engage in veganism/vegetarianism, is this really that interesting?

First the speed bumps:

Everything doesn’t always go as planned. Obvious, no?

There have been two accidental, non-vegan, ingestions and one conscious. The first accident was honey. My wife, as well as many others, roll eyes at the honey “incident” but bees are endangered now and I doubt that the methods that Honey Nut Cheerios goes through to source their honey is hardly ethical. The second accident was finding out that there was buttermilk in Naan (in all Naan, not just some brands). Who knew? These things will happen. The purposeful ingestion was confectioner’s glaze (made from bugs). I wanted to try Peeps flavored Oreo’s. Apparently,  I’m one of the few that finds Red #3 bitter. I had encountered this bitter flavor when it came to some red foods before but I always thought the food had turned and threw out what I was eating.  The Oreo tasted disgusting. It is so incredibly bitter that I feel as though I am ingesting chemicals (which to be fair most dyes are chemicals).  So, eating the cookie wasn’t worth it anyway. Vegan Karma?

There have been a few adventures to track down some treats, food, etc.

The vegan revolution is real. In my previous post I linked to a lot vegan things that I either wanted to try or had tried. I have since tried a few more but I still have some goals to hit.

I love food. I probably love food more than a lot of people (vegans, meat eaters, and vegetarians alike). I mention this, not to brag, but to illustrate the importance of my food quests (because if I just wanted to be vegan (and didn’t care about food) I would just eat peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of my life).

I had eaten at Champ’s Diner once before but on my birthday my boss ordered Champ’s for the production staff. I had an insanely amazing Philly Cheesesteak. I am constantly baffled by how amazing the Champ’s, Haymaker’s Corner foods are. I almost feel guilty eating them. A week later I tried the reuben from Champ’s and once again I was blown away: so incredibly delicious.

I never thought I would have a hot dog at a baseball game again. I then discovered that Yankee Stadium had a few vegan options.  It was incredible.


I still want to try something from Monk’s Meats and Screamer’s Pizzeria. I’d also like to get to Orchard Street Grocer and get a lox and cream cheese bagel.

It has been a great, nearly, four months so far.


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