M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman [Book Review]

M Is for MagicM Is for Magic by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book had been sitting on our bookshelf for a while. As time has gone on I have slowly crept up on trying to finish all of Mr. Gaiman’s work. It’s no easy task – the man is a workhorse.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been but, I was surprised to learn that I had already read “Sunbird” (in Fragile Things), “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” (also in Fragile Things), October in the Chair (once again, in Fragile Things) and “The Witch’s Headstone” (which was in the Graveyard Book). I might have not read this collection at all if I had already read Smoke and Mirrors (which contains most of the rest of these stories. Short story: You may have read all of these stories elsewhere.

That doesn’t make the stories any less good. I strongly favored the ones I had already read. I can’t say though maybe it was like listening to a favorite song – it gets better with repetition. The one that has stuck in my head for days on end is “Sunbird”, a tale of a group of Epicureans that have tasted everything the world has to offer. They hear, from one among their group, about a tale of a mystical bird – something they previously thought to be fiction – and set out to taste it.

If you are looking for some follow-up after reading this pick up The Graveyard Book, if you haven’t already.

It also might not be a book for the more squeamish teenagers out there (as this book is marketed to younger readers).

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