Commonwealth by Ann Patchett [Book Review]

CommonwealthCommonwealth by Ann Patchett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Commonwealth is a novel about family drama.

The book spans over, roughly, 30-40 years time. It starts one of the children’s, Franny’s, christening party and we see her, later in the book, in what I estimated to be her 40s. The party is the catalyst for the book’s trajectory. The couple the book starts with gets divorced. The kids get shuffled around and they become a blended family living on separate coasts. Tragedy strikes one summer but that storyline is revealed over the course of the book. The middle of the book shows Franny, my favorite character, meet and fall in love with a famous author. The rest I’ll leave to you.

I loved the structure, storytelling, and writing style. It is always pleasant when someone has such mastery of their craft and it is easy to follow them on the journey that they want to take you on. It was a pleasure to read this and I’ll likely look further into Ann Patchett’s work.

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